6 Things to Consider for your Small Bathroom

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mirror signedThe bathroom, as we all know, is one of the most important rooms in the home, and the place where each member of the household prepares for the day and returns to relax in the evening. Surprisingly, some bathrooms seem to have been designed as an afterthought, simply a practical means to an end. Yet this room can, with a little inspired planning and imagination, be the most breathtaking space in the house. With a bathroom redesign, you can rearrange baths, toilets and other fittings for best effect, or even take out a wall to provide an inspiring transformation and create more space. Considerations include:-

1. Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is often underestimated, but can affect the whole look of any room. Supplement your bathroom furniture etc, with the correct lighting and you will see remarkable results.

2. Mirror Mirror

A large, carefully positioned mirror will make a bold statement as well as opening up your space and giving the impression of increased size. Glossy tiles can give similar effects, and are available in an array of wonderful designs.

3. Clever Storage

Less clutter is at the top of any design list, and with clever storage ideas, your smallest room will never feel cramped.

4. Fabulous Furniture

Floating vanities should be considered, as they tick all the boxes where style and practicality are concerned. Sleek tactile surfaces give a luxurious impression, they provide a handy work surface, lots of storage, and let’s face it, they just look great.

5. Cool Fresh Colour

Small dark and dismal bathrooms can have a confined, blocked off feel, which is why it might be time for some lighter pastel shades, or alternatively well chosen darker colours can provide a dramatic and trendy edge.

6. Colours Maketh a Room

Warmer tones can work beautifully with a palette of soft browns and vintage look brass fixtures for a stand out look full of individual character. Small areas of pretty coloured mosaic tiles are very effective.

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