High Quality Plastic & Metal Sheds

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High Quality Plastic & Metal Sheds

SM Garden Sheds are committed to delivering high quality lightweight outdoor storage units hand in hand with undisputed value. These are the basic principles that define the company and have earned them the reputation of a reliable and hassle free option when considering any outdoor storage needs. From metal garden sheds and garages to plastic workshops, SM Garden Sheds has a comprehensive range of outdoor storage buildings that ooze quality. Every product supplied by SM Garden Sheds must pass a mark of quality test that ensures particular and exceptional quality and customer satisfaction every time. Gone are the times of waiting days for a catalogue delivery only to return it to the supplier shortly after for faultiness or just plain dissatisfaction with the product, leaving you feeling deceived by the supplier and the picture painted by them.

Reliable Delivery of Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds & Boxes

The aim of SM Garden Sheds is to restore the trust in online purchasing by continuing to supply high quality goods, both strong and durable, while delivering outstanding value at competitive prices.

Lotus Quality Metal Clad Shed

A new addition to the extensive range of outdoor storage units available is the Lotus entry level light weight metal clad shed, which is a feat in design innovation. As well as significantly reducing assembly times and providing greater strength and durability it also brings the range of sheds in this traditional category up to date, leaving behind the worry of weathering or corrosion while providing a safe and secure outdoor storage option.

Powder Coated Reinforcements

From the smallest outdoor storage box to the largest outdoor storage buildings the innovation and attention to detail are obvious. Small but significant touches have great effect in the resulting product, such as outdoor plastic sheds with powder coated metal parts that act as reinforcements  to the whole structure leaving no doubt about the quality of the items. One of the most popular and well received in the selection of outdoor storage units are the Lifetime top of the range plastic sheds and outdoor storage boxes. The attention to detail that has evidently been applied to them such as double skinned walls, strongly reinforced and more than fit for purpose.

High Quality Metal Storage Sheds and Boxes