Shower Storage

caddyMore commonly called ‘Caddies’, these are (usually) tall shelves which can be placed in your shower or in the corner of your bathroom. These come in a wide range of styles to suit your bathroom. They are particularly useful in showers, giving you somewhere to store all of your shower products safely and securely, without you having to crouch down to retrieve what you need – something that is potentially dangerous. Caddies all have their own distinctive shapes, different numbers of tiers and specific designs. Some you can hang up, others are free standing. It’s up to you which variation takes your fancy.

Towel Rails

Towel RailTowel rails are the most common bathroom accessory. It may seem obvious to have these, but there are many different types and styles of which could suit you and your bathroom more. Some towel rails can be fixed onto the wall, convenient for those conscious about space. They can consist of a single rail, multiple rails or even built with an extra shelf for those who need that little extra bit of storage. Free standing towel rails also come in a variation of sizes and designs. Some are curved to fit under or around other bathroom furniture, others are T-shapes or rectangular to place neatly against the wall. Some are even heated like a radiator to keep your towels warm and dry.

Laundry Boxes

Laundary BoxesWhen life is hectic or busy, it isn’t always easy to keep the place tidy. Life can be made a little easier by simply placing a laundry box somewhere in your bathroom. As laundry boxes don’t have to be big or bulky, the actual size of your bathroom isn’t an issue. Some laundry boxes can come in ‘hamper’ styles, which means they are light, portable and easy to set up. They can be folded in or out and can make a great addition to your bathroom. Other laundry boxes can come in the form of baskets or miniature cupboards, in materials ranging from wood or wickerwork, to the more modest polyester and steel.

Bath Mats

Bath MatsWhether your priority is safety or style, bath mats or duck boards are an ideal accessory which can guarantee you both. Bath mats are often made of towel material, and so can absorb water to ensure you a slip-free trip to the bathroom. Colours and designs of bath mats are infinite and so allowing you to choose something to suit your bathroom beautifully. Duck boards, are of similar function. They are small (often wooden) platforms which give you somewhere safe to stand if you or the floor is damp. Duck boards are also available in a wide range of styles and wood varying from bamboo to pine.

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