Bathroom Storage Suggestions

With an abundance of bottles, lotions, potions and paraphernalia, bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms in a house to keep tidy. Due to heat and slippery floors, clutter can be dangerous as well as unsightly – it’s easy to underestimate the damage a stray loofah can do if somebody slips on it.

Compact Bathrooms

Bathrooms can also be quite compact and if yours is more modest then it makes sense to maximise the space you`ve got. A decent, spacious bathroom can make all the difference to your daily routine.

Thankfully, there is no end of options for owners and occupiers to keep their bathroom clutter to a minimum, making it a safe and attractive place to be.

Roll up, Roll up

There are plenty of ways to keep toilet roll – one of life`s true essentials – in a discreet and efficient way which will prevent your supplies from getting wet. You could try a wicker basket or a metal toilet roll holder. The latter will keep the toilet roll suspended above the floor, which will do a great job of keeping it dry.

Bathroom Towel Rails – The Rail Thing

A great way of keeping towels which are not being used at present is in an airing cupboard, but what about the ones which are in active service? Heated towel rails have become a fixture in the bathrooms of many homes in recent years and they are a worthwhile addition. A simple accessory can hang off an existing radiator and deliver comparable towel-warming effect to a heated rail at the fraction of the cost.

Keep Shower & Bath Tidy

Rather than keeping the various bottles of shampoo, condition and bubble bath balanced on the rim of the bath or rattling around your feet in the shower, you could invest in a rack system to store your items. They can be relatively cheap to buy, a doddle to fit and result in having a more spacious bathroom as a result. When selecting facilities like this, carefully consider whether a hook or suction based solution will serve your needs best.

Bathroom Cabinet Reshuffle

A cabinet with a mirrored front can save space by fulfilling two roles at once. It can be a convenient place to store toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving foam and also provide a mirror for arranging yourself in the morning. Some cabinet doors also have mirrors which on the inside which allow greater detail to be seen – ideal for shaving or applying makeup.

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