Free-standing Bathroom Furniture

Free-standing Bathroom Furniture, Corner Units & Functional Storage Solutions

Bathroom fashions are changing fast, as individuals demand function, form and personal design that suits their lives and tastes.

The market has also seen an explosion in beautifully crafted, varied and aesthetically pleasing bathroom solutions which allow real customisation of this busy part of the house. Whether you love traditional and rustic styling, clean and minimalist lines, funky contemporary designs or something entirely unique to your tastes, it is possible to find what you want – and usually at the right price.

One primary driver for modern bathroom designs has to be the need for flexibility. Many households find that their needs change dramatically and often have to accommodate different people within the home – from babies and small children, to teenagers, busy adults and working parents. For this reason, free-standing bathroom furniture has become extremely popular. It offers the ability to be flexible with location and placement, and makes it incredibly easy to change pieces as desired over time.

Flexible space uses

Flexible space usesMany free-standing pieces can also be customised to suit the available space – such as modular units which can be built and added to as space allows. Such modular solutions will have a mix of full size free-standing storage, and half size units, which can be combined to make full use of the available wall dimensions. Some free-standing units have corner suitable designs, which is an excellent choice for smaller spaces. Others travel vertically, which are a great choice for older houses with high ceilings, and make the use of upper wall space. It is even possible to get free-standing units on castors, which are great for bathing babies and having materials instantly to hand. Free-standing low storage is also great when creating a home spa experience, as you can use a small side unit to house a scented candle, some pampering products, reading material and maybe even a glass of wine if you’re feeling decadent! Look too for free-standing units that can incorporate chairs – it can be very useful to have a chair in the bathroom if you bathe children, have a dressing or make-up mirror and seated area, or like to throw your towels or clothes over something close to hand.

Material considerations

When looking at free-standing bathroom furniture, consider materials within the wider context of your bathroom and its style. Brushed steel is excellent for modern and contemporary bathrooms, and gives a lovely clean finish. However, for those who prefer a more traditional, warm finish, wooden furniture may be preferred. Wood is naturally imparted with its own slight antibacterial properties which makes it a good choice for bathrooms – in the same way that wood is often used for kitchen chopping boards! A very grand finish can be achieved in the bathroom with oak furniture, which is surprisingly affordable and will last for many years if well cared for. Speak to your bathroom furniture provider for advice and guidance about the best bathroom furniture for your needs, and its care and treatment, which may include varnish or waxing.

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