Latest Bathroom Designs & Ideas

Latest Bathroom Designs & Ideas

Latest Bathroom Designs & Ideas - in bathrooms are constantly changing and evolving. Designs may be influenced through a mixture of changing tastes, needs of the consumer and evolving technology. The latest designs in bathrooms are affected by factors such as new thinking on environmental issues, development and availability of new technology, changes in the ways room space is used and trends in styles and colours.

Dual Flush Technology, Low Flow Taps & Aerating Showerheads

Underfloor Heating & Energy Saving LED Lighting - technology has often been developed as a result of trends in ideas about conserving energy, saving water and environmental issues. The dual toilet flush was created to save water so that the amount of water used is relative to the type of waste being flushed. This type of flush on a toilet is still very popular and can save money on water bills. There are a range of new taps and showerheads available that also contribute to water saving. Aerating showerheads use less water but still maintain pressure and will save on energy bills too. Low flow taps will also cut water consumption and there are also water flow limiter devices available that fit onto taps and shower heads to ensure less water is used.

Underfloor Heating & Energy Saving LED Lighting

For energy saving measures, LED lighting is popular in bathrooms for being energy efficient as well as providing an attractive modern appearance. A dimmer switch for lights can create a relaxing low lighting effect and contribute to further energy saving.

Under floor heating is great for a bathroom. Not only is this type of heating considered to be more energy efficient but it offers the luxury of treading on a beautifully warm floor. It can be used in wet rooms and is good for small spaces.

Consumer convenience and practicality can also be influential in the design of products and rooms. Walk-in showers and wet rooms are an ongoing trend in bathrooms. This type of bathroom may be popular as it suits an ageing population. The washing facilities are easily accessible and good for people with disabilities too. They also look fantastic and can bring a modern feel to a bathroom.

Bathroom Design & Colour Schemes

Bathroom colour schemes are also shifting. White and off-white bathroom designs are still very much in style, along with natural stone and beige. The use of different shades of grey is becoming more fashionable providing a sophisticated yet understated look but still in keeping with the neutral tones and a natural look of the whites and beiges. Polished chrome will still be popular in providing a modern bathroom feel.

Hotels have provided influence for bathroom designs at home. Hotels will often employ interior designers to create uniquely styled rooms using the very latest trends. This means room designs are up-to-date and sometimes innovative. Many luxury or boutique hotel rooms feature freestanding baths in their bedrooms. Whilst a large bedroom is needed for this to work effectively, it is an ongoing trend for bathrooms at home that can bring a feeling of relaxation, luxury and style.

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