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Bathroom Beauty of Bolton – Toilet History

It’s something we all have to live with, it’s essential humans have a way of disposing of waste. It’s only fairly recently that having a room in our homes dedicated to cleanliness and waste disposal has come about. We have Mr. Thomas Crapper to thank for this. His design was to create a system in which the toilet could be rid of is contents in a sanitary and healthy way. The Victorians luckily enough made the connection between poor disposal and disease, leading them to build some sewer systems in only a few cities.

First Flushing Toilets

Their flushing features were also inefficient. So most families still depended upon the old privy in their backyard, resulting in waste still being an issue for some time. It wasn’t until the Americans Henry and Campbell invented the water closet, that were we any nearer to the toilets we know and love today. It took a long time, and many attempts to get it right. It wasn’t until the early twentieth century when the first vitreous china water closet was introduced by Eljer Plumbingware Company.

The sanitary flushable toilet was a fixture that made the modern bathroom possible, without the fear of seeping sewer gases or having to dump the families waste out of an open window at the end of the day. See the Bathroom Studio Online ad links to find the lavatory that you want to see in your home, that definitely isn’t a chamberpot or privy.

Bathroom Beauty of Bolton – More About the ‘Tub

Bathrooms have evolved as a result of the basic need for personal hygiene. To begin with, baths were simple wooden structures with metal lining, filled with boiled water for the family to share once a week. John M. Kohler was the first to put bath fixtures on the market with his cast-iron farm implements, but like anything else just newly released, there were scarcely homes with dedicated bathroom space, making bath fixtures rare in the early days.

Ancient Baths

We know the Ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of bathing, and there is evidence that their methods were also sophisticated. Other cultures from more distant lands continued to see bathing as a culturally significant social activities. Public baths in Islamic society called ‘Hammams’ have long been a part of their way of life. The Japanese have always considered soaking in hot tubs for lengthy periods of time both a cleansing activity and ritual. Bathing is a personal experience for our modern day folk, whether we’re relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves, cleansing and washing or indulging in pleasant fragrances by candlelight. These are notes from Bathroom Beauty of Bolton, showing you the history of bathrooms. Please see the ads on these pages to help you make the right choice for your home to suit your needs.

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