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Water Saving Products, Showers, Baths & Sanitaryware

Water Saving Products, Showers, Baths & SanitarywareNow more than ever, we are putting greater emphasis on minimising the amount of Water Saving Products, Showers, Baths & Sanitarywareenergy and resources we use around the home. Here in the UK, water is certainly
one of the resources we take for granted, with the average person using 148 litres
per day. Water uses a lot of energy, accounting for 6% of the nation`s total CO2 emissions, with 89% of this energy being used to heat water for homes and businesses. But there are thousands of simple things we can do to reduce water usage around the home, just by changing our daily habits. Reducing water usage in the bathroom is one of the easiest ways of reducing your carbon footprint and preserving the UK`s water supply. There are also plenty of products available which will save water, energy and money.

Eco-Friendly Dual Flush Toilets

UK toilets needlessly flush away 1.2 billion litres per day. Most toilets being used in household bathrooms employ an old cistern, which can use up to 14 litres per flush. Installing a modern, smaller cistern with a dual flush is one of the simplest ways of reducing water usage. The dual flush uses between 2 and 4 litres per flush, offering people control over how much water goes down the toilet.

Reduced Water Usage Showers & Accessories

Water Saving Products, Showers, Baths & SanitarywareRecent statistics suggest that British habits are changing, with people showering more regularly and spending up to 2-3 minutes longer in the shower each day. Setting a timer which limits the amount of time you spend in the shower is one way of reducing water usage, but there are also products which ensure less water is flowing through the shower regulator. A Water Widget or shower flow aerator is an inexpensive way of regulating shower water. They are easy to fit and available at most plumbing or hardware stores.

Taps & Brassware use for Water Reduction

A tap left running fully open can use up to 15 litres per minute, so it is essential to be conscious of the amount of water flowing from one. Inexpensive, flow controlled aerators are a simple way of reducing water usage throughout the home. Even when using a limited flow, it is necessary to be conscious of how much water is being used from the tap. Simple behavioural changes such as turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can save up to 3.5 litres each time. It is also essential to replace old leaky taps and ensure that new taps are fitted correctly. In a single day, a dripping tap can waste enough water to fill an entire bath.

Baths & Environmentally Friendly Bathing

We all know baths use a lot of water and taking a shallower bath is an easy way of reducing water usage and energy emissions. But we also like to indulge in a nice long soak every now and then, with the water up over our knees. A large bath has an overflow limit at 230 litres, so using a smaller, narrower or concave bath is a great way of reducing water usage in the bathroom.

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