Water Saving Measures for Bathrooms & Showers

Innovative bathroom manufacturers Ideal Standard have highlighted Britain’s most common habits when it comes to wasting water. Brit’s apparently estimate that they use around 29 litres of water per day, when in fact they use five times more than that at 150 litres per person per day! On average when showering people let the water run for about 1 minute and 18 seconds before getting in. They then on the whole spend around 8 minutes showering, using approximately 60 litres of hot water.

Water Saving Measures for Bathrooms & Showers - www.bathroombeautyofbolton.co.ukIdeal Standard carried out a water saving research campaign this year in a bid to discover and understand the key factors in Britain’s water wastage.

Many people believe that we get so much rain in this country, that there is no need to use water saving measures. With one in five people spending over ten minutes in the shower, the campaign hopes to raise awareness and encourage consumers to half their shower time and install water saving technology. It is hoped that this strategy will help prevent a long term increase in water wastage.

Water Saving in the Home, Dual Flush Toilets, Baths & Showers

Five major water wasting habits in the home include:-

  1. Letting the water run before entering a shower when stepping in immediately saves almost 10 litres of water.
  2. Spending at least 8 minutes in the shower when cutting it down to 4 minutes could save about 30 litres of water.
  3. Old style single flush toilets use up to 12 litres of water per flush, while installation of modern dual flush toilets use only 6 litres for a full flush, and 4 with reduced flush.
  4. A tap left running while brushing teeth wastes 5 litres of water per minute.
  5. Baths use around 80 litres of water even if it is a shallow bath, a quick shower will only use about one third of that amount.

Frequency of Showers & Time Spent with Water Running

Apparently 81% of British people claim to be conscious of how much water they use despite figures showing that water use has increased in recent years, indicating some complacency about water saving. 47% of the people interviewed stated that they had never even considered installing water saving features.

The research indicated that the biggest culprits when it comes to water wastage are occupants of shared accommodation. Admitting to more frequency in taking showers than the general population living with family or a partner, this section of the population on average seem to shower for over 13 minutes. The Ideal Standard research team ascertain that in general people are to some extent misguided about the amount of water they are using daily. This means they are not taking advantage of opportunities to save water.
Frequency of Showers & Time Spent with Water Running - www.bathroombeautyofbolton.co.uk

Innovative Water Saving Products & Lower Step-in Baths

A main factor in the motivation to save water and install water saving technology is money. People are more careful with their water usage when it costs them money in bills. This makes people more aware of how much water they are using and prompts them to cut down. There are many great innovative water saving products by manufacturers like Ideal Standard, which save water and money. Four hundred of their products are listed on the Bathroom Manufacturer Association’s [BMA] water efficient labelling scheme.

The scheme works to assist consumers in identifying good water saving products, taking into account variety and price. Dual flush toilets and water saving lower step-in baths are amongst these products.

Water Saving Measures for Bathrooms & Showers. Water Saving in the Home, Dual Flush Toilets, Baths & Showers. Frequency of Showers & Time Spent with Water Running. Innovative Water Saving Products & Lower Step-in Baths.

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