Bathe in Luxurious Surroundings

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Designer Bathroom Products, Bathroom Suites & Furniture, Showers & Shower Enclosures, Accessories There are not many of us who haven’t fancied a completely new bathroom, which makes sense when you consider the amount of time we spend in there. A bathroom is one of the most multi functional rooms in the home and one of the most frequently used. It’s roles include providing a facility for several practical activities including washing and catering to certain other needs! It is the place where you are either in a rush to get ready and get out of the door to work or whatever, or...

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6 Things to Consider for your Small Bathroom

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Comprehensive Range of Baths, Showers, Bathroom Furniture, Sanitaryware, Taps & Brassware The bathroom, as we all know, is one of the most important rooms in the home, and the place where each member of the household prepares for the day and returns to relax in the evening. Surprisingly, some bathrooms seem to have been designed as an afterthought, simply a practical means to an end. Yet this room can, with a little inspired planning and imagination, be the most breathtaking space in the house. With a bathroom redesign, you can rearrange baths, toilets and other fittings for best effect,...

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5 Ways to a Sensational Bathroom

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Bathroom Suppliers, Baths, Showers, Shower Enclosures, Sanitaryware, Taps & Bathroom Furniture Has your bathroom seen better days? Do you fancy a change? If you’ve ever experienced the luxury of an upmarket hotel bathroom, you might think this look is not transferable to your humble abode. But you would be wrong! With an elegantly designed, high quality bathroom suite in place, you are free to let your imagination run wild, and think up any number of themes and and ideas. Your options are endless for instance:- 1. Minimal Scandinavian Design This bathroom look never goes out of...

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Child Safety at Bathtime

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Comprehensive Selection of Bathroom Suites, Furniture, Showers & Shower Enclosures   For your little ones, the bathroom can be a place of fun and giggles, with toys designed for the bathtub, and soap sud shapes, what’s not to like? But as with everywhere our children regularly spend any time, we want to be sure they are safe and out of harms way. Take care with water We know the possible dangers of water so a few obvious rules are not to overfill a bath or leave a young child alone in the water even for a few seconds. Water Temperature Add cool water to the bath first, then...

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Some Interesting Facts About Sleep

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Bathroom Suites, Furniture, Showers & Shower Enclosures, Taps, Radiators & Accessories   While  you are snuggling down ready to nod off, here are a few fascinating facts about sleep you may be interested in. For instance if you are trying to lose weight, make sure you get enough sleep, as lack of sleep can cause you to gain 2lbs in less than a week. You can also burn a higher amount of calories when sleeping than watching TV. [Hmm maybe because of the absence of snacks] Before there were any alarm clocks, people called ‘Knocker-Ups’ would go around tapping on clients...

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First Steps to Flooring

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Comprehensive Selection of High Quality Bathroom Suites, Bathroom Furniture & Showers   There are not many parts of your home more important than its floors, yet this area is sometimes overlooked and left until last, when home improvements are on the agenda. As interior design experts know, the style and type of flooring you choose can strongly influence many aspects of your living space. Your floors can create a big first impression, as they are usually what people notice immediately on entering your abode. Careful use of carpets, laminate or LVT will ensure a stunning interior to...

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