Child Safety at Bathtime

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tap signedFor your little ones, the bathroom can be a place of fun and giggles, with toys designed for the bathtub, and soap sud shapes, what’s not to like? But as with everywhere our children regularly spend any time, we want to be sure they are safe and out of harms way.

Take care with water

We know the possible dangers of water so a few obvious rules are not to overfill a bath or leave a young child alone in the water even for a few seconds.

Water Temperature

Add cool water to the bath first, then hot, and always of course check the water temperature using your elbow before placing your baby or child in the bath.

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs)

These are perfect for removing the risk of scalding, as they automatically control the temperature, allowing other members of the household to have nice hot baths while protecting younger members. If not already in place, TMV’s can be professionally installed on taps for an immediate solution.

Keep anything sharp out of harms reach

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the home with all members of the family spending a little time in there [and some far too much!]. So always check for anything sharp that youngsters could get hold of and remove them.

Be careful with electrics

Any electrics allowed in the smallest room such as showers, lighting etc should be fitted by a qualified electrician and well away from any water source.

Avoid scalds

A baby’s skin is 15 time thinner than an adult’s and children are not good judges of what may be hot. Accidents can happen easily in the bathroom so to ensure that little hands do not get scalded, you might consider ‘cool touch technology’. These clever bathroom aids are specifically designed to guarantee that the outer surface of taps, shower handles and rails etc which can heat up, remain cool and hazard free.

Channings Childcare have five nurseries in the Oldham and Rochdale areas, with a long experience in nurturing and educating babies and young children in a safe and fun environment. Give them a call on 0161 222 4067


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