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Save Water In The Bathroom

Save Water In The Bathroom - Bathroom Installation BoltonThere is now a far greater awareness of the effect that the things we do in our daily lives have on the environment. Just look at the amount of waste that we now offer for recycling in our brown waste bins…. We recycle our plastic, our tins, and our newspapers and we buy low energy light bulbs. What are we doing to save water, some of it hot water?
With climate change, water shortage is a problem across much of the UK, so that is one good reason to save water. Many of us are on water meters, and so savings in water use saves money on our water bills.

Save Money & Improve Your Carbon Footprint

These are good enough reasons to save on the amount of water we use. However, if we exclude central heating, water heating accounts for around a quarter of the average energy bill. Our bathrooms account for over 70% of the average water usage in our homes, so our bathroom is a logical place to seek water and cost savings. We can save money and improve our carbon footprint.

Reduce Cost & Carbon Emissions –In Your Bathroom

Bristan have created the ecosmart range, designed to help you save water in the bathroom, without having to sacrifice on style.

Bathroom Tap & Shower Flow Limiters

One of the easiest ways to save water is by fitting flow limiters to your taps and showers. These clever devices cost only around £5 and can be easily fitted between the water outlet and the hose on a shower and in either the tail or the spout of the tap. They will have an immediate effect on the water consumption in your bathroom.

Water Saving Bathroom Taps

You can install taps from Bristan’s ecosmart range. Select from an impressive range of designs featuring either a built in flow limiting aerator, or ones that have a clever eco-click cartridge in them that can help save up to 72% of your tap’s water usage.

Dual Flush Toilet

For a really significant water saving, install a dual flush toilet – like Bristan’s Dune. With a flush as low as 2.6 litres per minute (compared to the standard 9 litres per minute) the Dune toilet can help you make significant water savings.
A low capacity Dune bath is also available, which can save you a third of your water usage, and you can complete the look with a matching Dune basin.

More On Home Energy Saving

For more creative ideas on how to save costs and reduce your household’s Carbon Footprint visit – Cost & Carbon efficient home heating ideas.


If you would like to see details of an excellent water and cost saving shower please visit the Eco-Bathroom page of .


Water Saving Devices For The Bathroom. Aerated Taps Eco Click Cartridges Dual Flush Toilets Tap & Shower Flow Limiters. Save Cost & Carbon Emissions.

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