Showering With Less Water

Saving Water... And Energy... And money...

In this section we will show you products and techniques to help you to ‘do your bit’ for the environment. In many cases you will find benefits on three fronts – water saving, energy saving and reduced cost.

Saving Water… And Energy… And money…

In new houses, showers and baths account for around 45 per cent of the water used. Modern plumbing, en-suite bathrooms and changes in lifestyle are all contributing to the trend towards using significantly more water for bathing and showering.

Showers can be a water-saving alternative to baths but people tend to take them more frequently. Here are some ideas on how to save water, whilst saving energy, improving your carbon footprint……… and saving money at the same time….

Reduce Your Shower Time

Most showers use about 9 litres of water per minute and most shower sessions last seven minutes. Thus we use using a huge, 63 litres of water per shower session. Different types of showers will use different amounts of water. An electric shower will typically use less (6 litres of water a minute), whilst a power shower will use more (15 litres of water a minute). Taking just a minute or two off your showering time will help save water – and energy.
If a family of four each took a minute off their daily shower it would save around 13,000 litres each year. That’s 13 cubic metres of water – enough to fill a large bathroom from floor to ceiling!

Shorter showers will also save you money. You will save the cost of the energy used to heat your shower water, and, if you have a water meter, the cost of the water too.
Estimate based on average flow rates of mixer, power, and electric showers, weighted by ownership.

Even Shorter Showering

For a really short shower, try just turning on the shower to get wet. Turn off and lather up. Turn on again to rinse the soap off. Showering like this can take less than two minutes and save huge amounts of water, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

Shower Water Saving Device

Some showers use more water than you need or want for a shower, wasting water and energy. In fact, many mains fed or pumped showers use at least 12 litres of water per minute.
Fit a Shower Flow Regulator or Shower Head Aerator

The water efficient flow regulator or aerated shower head won’t affect the quality of your shower, it simply provides a steady supply of water in a more efficient way than simply turning the shower down.

Buying & Fitting a Shower Flow Regulator

You can buy a flow regulator at any plumbing supplier and most DIY stores.
It fits neatly and easily, usually between the shower riser and the shower head.
Most people can fit a flow regulator or aerated shower head without the help of a plumber and with no need to drain the system.


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