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image by Jim Larisson

image by Jim Larisson

The traditional image of bigger is better is gradually changing when it comes to housing in the UK, as people realise the many benefits of downsizing. A smaller home is easier to maintain with less time and effort spent, they are cost effective with lower mortgages, decreased fuel bills, and affordable insurance and taxes. With less space available you are not as likely to accumulate as much clutter, and hopefully wont be as easily tempted into buying that new multi gym [or clothes hanger as they are called in many homes]. You can decorate and make structural changes much quicker and a smaller property is usually on the market for less time when selling.

With house sizes diminishing, designers are becoming cleverer at making a room appear larger using light, colour and organisation. The bathroom is one room which most people prefer to look roomier, and Bathroom Beauty of Bolton have learned one or two tricks for creating the illusion of space.

Lighting – Light is a major factor in interior design, and clever use of light can enhance your bathroom making it seem bigger. Allow as much natural light to enter your bathroom window as possible, have frosted glass or put up sheer curtains or voiles, and remove any unnecessary items from the window area which may obstruct light. Venetian blinds are useful additions here, as they can be simply adjusted depending on how much light or privacy you require. If your bathroom does not have a window, choose a bright lighting fixture and light coloured shades, perhaps some other sources of lighting around the room such as around the mirror.

Colour – Lighter colours are traditionally used in a bathroom with neutrals and pastels like ice blue, cool green or fresh oyster being favourites. These pale tones teamed with white paintwork bounce light around, and splashes of co-ordinating colour here and there add interest.

Mirrors – Mirrors are an excellent way to create more light and a larger feel in a smaller bathroom, and a mirrored feature wall will give a spectacular result. Chrome or stainless steel accessories like toilet brush holders, toothpaste holders, towel rails and pedal bins will assist in this reflective effect also. Any metal or glass will give that desired chic and spacey look.

Shower Screens – A glass shower screen or doors will maximise space and are sleek and functional, not to mention their easy clean nature.

Flooring – You can also significantly increase the perceived size of your bathroom by clever blending of floor tiles and wall coverings.
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