First Steps to Flooring

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bearglass close signedThere are not many parts of your home more important than its floors, yet this area is sometimes overlooked and left until last, when home improvements are on the agenda. As interior design experts know, the style and type of flooring you choose can strongly influence many aspects of your living space. Your floors can create a big first impression, as they are usually what people notice immediately on entering your abode. Careful use of carpets, laminate or LVT will ensure a stunning interior to be proud of.

Carpets are the preference for many people, as they are not only attractive, but have a number of additional advantages. The underfoot comfort of a carpet, especially for bare feet, is a big plus and will bring a feeling of well-being, added to that is the fact that they retain warmth making them energy efficient. Noise reduction is also a desirable feature of carpeting, which muffles any sharp noise and gets rid of echoes, and when did a dropped glass ever smash on carpet? Carpets are now available as highly stain resistant, making this soft option a no brainer for many.

Perhaps you would love something that replicates stone or marble, yet easier to maintain and without the colossal price tag. If so, then LVT could be for you! This floor covering is exceptionally versatile and can perfectly create the illusion of natural materials in whichever room you desire. A seemingly limitless array of designs and effects will leave you spoilt for choice.

Maybe like a significant number of people, you extol the virtues of laminate flooring. You can create an illusion of space with this form of flooring, by adjusting the width and size of the plank or tile patterns. The eye is tricked into thinking that a room is larger than it is for example, by using large plank or tile designs to increase the appearance of the room. Laminate will beautifully compliment your home and can be enhanced with the addition of rugs. Wood Street Carpets offer FREE home consultation including expert advice and sample viewing, call on 01245 358900

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