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Number One Sellers of Quality Bathrooms at Trade Prices in Southend-on-Sea

Hadleigh Bathrooms; Thirty Years of Bathroom Trading

Hadleigh Bathrooms would first of all like to thank their web promotion partners, Bathroom Beauty of Bolton, for showing their support by featuring us on their own website. Hadleigh Bathrooms are a company based in London Road, Hadleigh in Southend-on-Sea. We have almost thirty years in the business of selling bathrooms behind us, and we consider ourselves number one in the area. We take pride in our knowledge of what customers want, and we demonstrate this by stocking and selling in high volumes to meet their demands. At Hadleigh Bathrooms, we provide only the highest quality products, at trade prices for the pleasure of the public.
Number One Sellers of Quality Bathrooms at Trade Prices in Southend-on-Sea -

A Wide Range of Breathtaking Bathroom Furniture

Our customers need not worry about a lack of choice at Hadleigh Bathrooms, because we have a vast range of products to suit all needs and tastes. From the most beautiful, relaxing bathtubs to modern and chic shower enclosures, you can find everything you need for your dream bathroom right here. Not forgetting those little extras too! Heated towel rails provide that second dose of warmth and comfort once you’ve had that well-deserved bubble bath. Plus, those perfect taps which compliment your chosen design will mean you’re doubly
proud of the bathroom you’ve created. Hadleigh Bathrooms even take into account
practicality with a fantastic range of vanity units for stylish storage and efficient use of space.

Lose Yourself in a Whirlpool of Comfort

Number One Sellers of Quality Bathrooms at Trade Prices in Southend-on-Sea -

Aside from the more common elements of the typical bathroom, there are other options which would certainly add that flare. Imagine coming home to a completely different bathing experience, one that could ease those aching muscles more effectively and maximise enjoyment. The whirlpool bath is a unique addition to the everyday bathroom; these have a larger, rounded design and are focused on space and comfort. The whirlpool bath will give you the freedom to relax exactly how you want, and indulge in a gorgeous tub of swirling water and bubbles. Hadleigh Bathrooms have a huge range of these spectacular whirlpool baths from top manufacturers. They are also available in several specifications, for example, standard or remote controlled.

Specialists in Roll Top Baths

For our customers who are happy with the more traditional and classical type of bathtub, the roll top bath is a luxurious yet stylish choice suitable for any bathroom. These are a particular speciality of Hadleigh Bathrooms, and we offer a large range of roll tops in a variety of materials. These bathtubs are superb quality, each individual one boasting extreme durability and toughness so our customers can have complete confidence in them. They also retain heat exceptionally well, for a warmer and more comfortable bath time that can be enjoyed for longer. Hadleigh Bathrooms sell these tough tubs at great prices, and we can deliver them throughout Britain.

A Helping Hand in Planning Your Bathroom

With a lot to consider when refurbishing or installing a new bathroom, it’s a wise choice to go through a little planning beforehand. In order to help our customers out with this step, you can find a Planning Guide on the Hadleigh Bathrooms website. Here you can find out what measurements need to be taken, as well as other tips and advice to ensure you get the right information. There is also a planning guide which is available to download. By following a few simple steps as shown in the guide, you can get the all right measurements which can take the confusion out of the planning process.

Sellers of Quality Bathrooms and Bathroom Furniture. Durable Roll Top Baths, Standard Baths and Whirlpool Bathtubs. Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors. A Wide Variety of Bathroom Accessories, Heated Towel Rails, Taps and Mirrors. Vanity Cabinets and Bathroom Storage, Hadleigh, Essex.