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Bathroom Wall Panels – Advantages Over Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Wall Panels – Advantages Over Bathroom TilesThe cool crisp design of bathroom wall panels versus bathroom tiles. Whilst each one is pleasant on the eye, the bathroom wall panelling is easy to fit and easy to clean. Wall panels also take a lot less time to assemble and apply to the bathroom wall, needing fewer tools to complete the job.

Bathroom Wall Panels – Easy To Clean & Reduce Condensation

Bathroom wall panels click together like tongue and groove, are heat resistant up to 60 degrees and require no maintenance. They are easy to wipe clean, as long as the right solvent free, non abrasive products are used are.

Bathroom wall panels are waterproof and no grout is required, so no mould or mildew problems to worry about. Wall panels also improve insulation and also reduce condensation in the bathroom.

Bathroom wall panels can also be used for ceilings and bath panels, helping to achieve a designer effect in the bathroom. Tools required are edge cutters, panel glue, architrave, skirting and silicone applicators.

Bathroom Wall Panels – Advantages Over Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Wall Panels – Colours & Designs

The choice of bathroom wall panel colours is wide – Italian marble, avocado marble, grey marble, blue marble and pink marble. Also available in Mosaic styles, simple solid white and black pearl marble to name a few colour options.

Set the Bathroom Ambience with Bathroom Wall Panelling

Our bathrooms are fast becoming not only a place to wash and go, they also provide the safe haven and place to relax and enjoy time out from the rest of the family. So the choice of decor is of the utmost importance. Bathroom wall panels to your design can set the mood for your place to wind down. With their smooth lines and unfussy appearance bath panels are easy on the eye and you the knowledge of how easy and quick your bathroom panelling is to keep fresh and clean is an added bonus.

Bathroom Wall Panels – Advantages Over Bathroom TilesWall Panels Help Bathroom Maintenance

The further added benefit of wall panelling is, if there were any maintenance required to the bathroom, it is far easier to remove a panel than tiles and panels are certainly far easier to put back into place .With bathroom wall panels ,you can have the peace of mind that the bathroom environment is safe, hygiene, durable, easy to maintain. Wall panelling also creates the right ambience for all the family, whether it be mum winding down after a busy, a fun place for the kids to bathe before going to bed, or a teenager going off for a night out, before leaving dad time to relax after work – bathroom wall panels are a very practical, attractive and economic option to complete your bathroom design.

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