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Bathroom Wall Panels – Safe & Practical Alternative to Tiles

When remodelling a bathroom a popular choice for style, safety, convenience and practicality is bathroom wall panels. Bathroom wall tiles are attractive but more and more people prefer a lower maintenance option that is equally attractive but much longer lasting, quick to install and lower cost.

UPVC wall panels can be designed and manufactured with the of tile and grout but they avoid the degradation of the grout which can quickly lose its strong white finish, become drab and shrink. This can then encourage mould and bacteria. There is also the hazard of cracked tiles to consider. This problem can harbour germs and cause cuts and scratches as well as looking very unwelcoming. Wall panels do not peel, rot, split or discolour as can happen over time with wallpaper.

Wall Panels for Bathrooms & Kitchens – Quick Install, Easy to Maintain

The advantages of wall panels are limitless and more people are now opting for panelling for bathroom and kitchen walls and ceilings. They are simple and quick to install with their tongue and groove fixing system covering large areas in a fraction of the time it would take to apply tiles. There are no requirements for specialist fixing tools. The bathroom or kitchen is available to use immediately as there is no need to wait for grout to cure. Bathroom wall panels can also often be placed over existing tiles if required.
Bathroom wall panels are waterproof and cleaning is easy – simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to produce a gleaming surface. All wall panel fixings are concealed and the attractive panels offer a crisp, clean, classy finish whether used in the bathroom or shower.

Bathroom Wall Panels – Easy Removal for Maintenance

A huge practical benefit of wall panels is the ease with which they can be removed when it is necessary to access to the wall behind the panelling. The relevant section is simply removed and then easily replaced afterwards. In comparison, a tiled wall would need repair with new tiles – a messy and costly procedure.
A whole range of bathroom accessories such as shelving, safety rails, mirrors and cabinets can be easily attached to these sturdy wall panels quickly and easily, without the risk and consequent expense of cracked tiles or ripped wallpaper, which would then need replacement.

Range of Designs and Colours of Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panelling

Attractive, safe, practical and hygienic wall panels are available in huge selection of beautiful colours, with designs that include marble effect in pink, Italian, avocado, blue, grey, or black pearl. The wall panels can be dramatic or subtle in shade and include grained or mosaic effect to finish your bathroom redesign in true, distinctive style.

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