Infrared or Traditional Home Saunas

An increasingly popular choice for many people interested in promoting the health and well being of themselves or their friends and families are home saunas. These specially engineered saunas emit deeply penetrating rays which have many health benefits apart from being fun and pleasurable. Saunas can easily be integrated into the home setting stimulating a number of senses simultaneously with extras such as radios and colourful LED lighting effects for colour therapy.
When deciding whether to opt for a traditional or infrared style home sauna careful consideration should be given, as both have their own unique characteristics and advantages.

A home sauna as produced by Fenlangyu will instil an air of chic sophistication in your bathroom, making you the envy of visitors.

Infrared or Traditional Home SaunasInfrared or Traditional Home Saunas

Benefits of Sauna – Pain Relief & Body Detoxing

Infrared or Traditional Home SaunasInfrared or Traditional Home SaunasSince the earliest saunas were originated in Finland people have been enjoying the results of this stimulating sensation. The action on the body of therapeutic steam heat has a direct relaxing effect and can result in promotion of mind and body health. Pain Relief is just one of the benefits of spending regular time in a sauna, others are widely believed to include:

  • Weight loss.
  • Body detox.
  • Healthy circulation .
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Immune system strengthening.
  • Balanced blood pressure.
  • Helps with discomfort of fibromyalgia.
  • Eases Stress & Fatigue.
  • Joint stiffness decrease.
  • Cardiovascular system strengthening.

Home Saunas – Ceramic & Carbon

Far-Infrared (FIR) heat works by gently and safely raising the heat of the body rather than just the air circulating the body. It is used by physical therapists in promotion of healing and in incubators to keep premature babies warm. There are different types of heat elements used with saunas such as 100% ceramic which can reach a temperature of  750F, giving an intense experience.

Some people prefer the more intense, all enveloping sensation of a traditional sauna.
Carbon elements are organic and have a much cooler surface area distributing the heat evenly throughout the body. This allows for longer exposure which is helpful when attempting to ease certain health conditions.

Sauna – Single or Multiple Person Units

These energy efficient saunas provide a sophisticated edge to your home and come in many styles and designs to suit your home décor. Whether you require a compact size for single person use for peaceful relaxation and therapy or a larger unit. Home saunas are available for up to four persons which are great for enjoying with friends or family.  Infrared heaters are simple, efficient and comfortable allowing longer sessions and targeted detoxification. These healthy solutions deliver all the advantages of natural sunlight without any of the risks. Infrared saunas are also more economical and use less electricity resulting in a more user and environmentally friendly product.

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